Ideas for a perfect Valentine's Day in Vienna

Valentine's Day – the day for lovers, is only a few weeks away. Whether it's young love or a long-term relationship, a little bit of romance has never hurt anyone. If this "holiday" is too corny for you, don't fuel the flower, card or chocolate industries this year. Instead, make it an excuse to just spend some quality-time with your significant other. A trip to Vienna offers plenty of possibilities to plan a special day.  

Breakfast – Weltcafé 

A cup of Nespresso in your comfortable bed may be a good start, but a perfect day needs a generous breakfast. The Weltcafé is only a short walk from your apartment, located very centrally behind Votive Church, and offers a wide variety of breakfast options (Oriental, French, Mexican...). Order a hot drink to enjoy the homely, romantic atmosphere.

Afternoon option #1 – Just relax  

Can you think of anything more pleasant than a day spent relaxing in warm temperatures? If not, leave behind the dull February days and head to the Spa. That feels a bit impersonal to you? Not to worry – just stay home at your Abieshomes apartment and make your own spa day in your luxurious bathroom with a big tub and carefully selected natural cosmetics. Light a few candles and your romantic setting is all done...


Afternoon option #2 – Explore downtown  

If you are not one to laze about all day, get outdoors! You can reach the center of the city easily, and even during winter Vienna does not lose its historic charm. Have you found all the little alleys surrounding St. Stephen's Church? Try exploring the courtyards and passages, too – sometimes there are little havens hidden away that invite you to stroll while holding hands. 

Evening – Stargazing 

Surprise your loved one by taking them to watch the stars in the dark. Located close to the city center is Urania observatory that offers stargazing tours to marvel at the universe through a big telescope. That's not private enough? Your Abieshomes apartment features a rooftop terrace that boasts stunning views over Vienna at night, just for the two of you. 

Dinner – sweet and romantic 

To conclude your perfect day all that's left is a fantastic dinner. End the day where you started it: Just opposite the Votive Church is the Café Francais that has excellent food and a chic atmosphere. For dessert we recommend a classic Viennese specialty: Sweet pancakes (maybe heart-shaped?) with chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream. 

Sounds good to you?

Go ahead and book today to spend your Valentine's Day with your loved one at Abieshomes luxury serviced apartments in Vienna. 

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