Restaurant Tipps - Messe / Prater

You have already booked a trip to Vienna or are currently staying there and would like to find some places to eat around the corner? In Vienna, you can find anything you could ever dreamed of – from a quick, small lunch between sight-seeing to a fancy dinner. But multiple choice also make for a hard decision. Do not worry! We have researched the top restaurants close to your location.



Restaurant Marina: 

Viennese delicacies, Mediterranean/maritime/vegetarian cuisine

The restaurant Marina offers a wide variety of dishes and is open late.


Zum Burgenländer: 

Austrian cuisine

This restaurant combines plain, traditional Austrian food with a comfortable but elegant atmosphere. In an effort to serve fresh and high-quality food, mainly seasonal products are used.


MochiRamen Bar:

Japanese cuisine

Fans of ramen light up: if you haven’t been there yet, the Mochi ramen bar should be your next stop. Carefully selected ingredients and well-balanced spices make up the famous feel-good food – but be aware, it’s hard to stop!



Skopik& Lohn: 

Austrian/European cuisine

Open until 1 am. There you can find traditional dishes as well as more unusual ones. The menu features the squid ragout with homemade pasta. Try it and be amazed.


Gasthaus Reinthaler: 

Austrian cuisine

If you have been looking for a typical, old-Viennese-style inn with lots of charm and history, you have come to the right place. Rare, traditional plain fare like the good old days – sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it? 



El Hans: 

Spanish cuisine

El Hans means a happy, familiar atmosphere, good mood and great creations. Traditional Spanish cuisine with a modern touch has made it clear for us – this is a gourmet restaurant for a good reason.


El Gaucho: 


In Vienna, every steak lover knows El Gaucho. Promoted as the “best steak between here and Buenos Aires”, this place has passion, best-quality ingredients and an eye for special details. Don’t forget to make a reservation!



Das Loft: 

Cosmopolitan cuisine

If it wasn’t enough to enjoy the spectacular views over Vienna, the great food at the “Loft” tops it all off. To describe the venue, we’d say: exquisite, elegant and unique. Come and see for yourself!



Das Schweizerhaus: 

Austrian cuisine

Beer and knuckle of pork. Enough said. The “Schweizerhaus” is widely known for its rustic menu and atmosphere, and it’s almost always packed. Located next to the Prater, the perfect stop for an excellent, cozy lunch with some original Viennese people.




American/ Italian cuisine

For all those looking for an extraordinary experience: look no further! Here you are served your food and drinks by real robots. As the name suggests, there are 3 loops for your entertainment and service of dishes. Great location as well – directly opposite the Vienna giant Ferris wheel.