Ball season 2018

Every year during those dull winter days there is one silver lining – Vienna's diverse dance events. In the first months of the new year, various hosts ask you to dance. Thousands of dance enthusiasts twirling round spectacular halls to waltz music... That does not only attract Viennese citizens but guests from around the world, too! And if you are not one to take to the floor, just come by for a glass of champagne or to marvel at the stunning ball gowns. 

When do the events take place?

Most of the ball events are in January or February, with some stretching out over the rest of Spring. We have collected the highlights of this year's calendar for you:  

Blumenball der Stadtgärten - 19.1.2018, Rathaus 

Wiener Ärzteball - 27.1.2018, Wiener Hofburg 

Jägerball - 29.1.2018, Wiener Hofburg 

Wiener Opernball – 8.2.2018, Wiener Staatsoper 

69.Bonbon-Ball – 9.2.2018, Konzerthaus 

Vienna's ball nights for tourists

If you happen to be in town – or maybe staying for this exact reason? - for one of Vienna's ball events, make sure to sort out your wardrobe in time. In case you could not manage to fit your elegant ball gown into your bags, don't worry! It's easy to rent a dress or suit for formal occasions: try Flossmann, located in the center of Old Town and easy to reach from Abieshomes Opera apartment. The next morning is all about sleeping in and resting your tired legs. Stay in bed with a cup of Nespresso, or take a calming bath and use our high-quality natural care products to recharge your batteries. Should you not enjoy dancing all that much or simply prefer a quiet night in, just stay home in your Abieshomes flat. Our high-end entertainment system with flatscreen TV brings the event to you while you relax on your sofa. Vienna Opera Ball is broadcast on national TV every year. 

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Ball season with Abieshomes

Be part of Vienna's magical ball nights of 2018 and book your stay with Abieshomes now! Serviced, private luxury apartments will make your dance event perfect and unforgettable.  

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