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Valentine's Day – the day for lovers, is only a few weeks away. Whether it's young love or a long-term relationship, a little bit of romance has never hurt anyone. If this "holiday" is too corny for you, don't fuel the flower, card or chocolate industries this year. Instead, make it an excuse to just spend some quality-time with your significant other. A trip to Vienna offers plenty of possibilities to plan a special day.  

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Every year during those dull winter days there is one silver lining – Vienna's diverse dance events. In the first months of the new year, various hosts ask you to dance. Thousands of dance enthusiasts twirling round spectacular halls to waltz music... That does not only attract Viennese citizens but guests from around the world, too! And if you are not one to take to the floor, just come by for a glass of champagne or to marvel at the stunning ball gowns. 

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Restauranttipps für Ihren Wienaufenthalt

You have booked a trip to Vienna or are currently staying and would like to find some places to eat around the corner? In Vienna, you can find anything you could ever want – from a quick, small lunch between sights to a fancy dinner. But a large choice also makes for a hard decision, so we have researched the top restaurants close to your location.

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