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About us

Our philosophy is to provide our guests with an ideal second home in the midst of Vienna. To achieve that goal, we have considered our customers needs and adjusted our homes accordingly.  Rather than investing in a perfect looking lobby, we choose to contribute the money to individually furnishing and renovating the apartments. 

A plain, modern design helps our immaculate vacation homes stand out.  Due to the central location, we are a hot destination for business travelers, as well as families.  Peace and comfort transform our guests' stay into an unforgettable, special wellness experience. After all, everyone should feel like home. 

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Abieshomes About us Families

Serviced Apartments for families

Serviced Apartments for families

Considering the top-location, our homes are perfect for families. Especially when traveling with kids, there is a need for a peaceful relaxation area. Therefore, AbiesHomes places value on peace and comfort. Our nicely equipped kitchen makes preparing a meal possible at anytime. In addition, all our isolated rooms prevent loud noise from disturbing the ambience in our homes. Premium quality mattresses ensure a restorative sleep and a peaceful night. With pleasure, we also consider individual wishes, like arranging for child-care.

Abieshomes About us Tourists

Serviced Apartments for Tourists

Serviced Apartments for Tourists

Really enjoying a stay in Vienna is ensured in our apartments. Our central location enables our guests to be in the heart of Vienna. A unique view from one of our windows or terraces displays the city's charm. Benefit from the near shopping facilities and dive into Viennas glittering, glamorous night life. Our modern, yet comfortable homes provide our guests with a magnificent safe-haven and ensure that our guests feel  just like home.

Abieshomes About us Business

Serviced Apartments for business travelers

Serviced Apartments for business travelers

At AbiesHomes, plain design and comfort come together. Perfect for all business travelers who need a place to relax, and work. Fast WiFi and convenient worktables transform your apartment into a small office. Moreover, shopping facilities and public transport are near within reach. With pleasure, we are ready to adjust to individual wishes to ensure our guests always feel like home.

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